Mountain areas are facing some important changes caused by the double-edged sword that is globalization: on the one hand, the challenges of economic progress demand new paradigms to guarantee sustainable social development and, on the other hand, the consequences of climate change require special attention to reduce their effects and to mitigate the factors that caused it.

Sport tourism, nature and rural tourism, as well as the snow sports sector are key economic drivers for the towns and communities in mountain areas, but so are the natural resources supported by a biodiversity which needs to be preserved and protected in order to guarantee its conservation and involvement in the construction of the identifying elements of the peoples living in the area. Science and technology share the responsibility for reaching a meeting point between both visions; “conservation vs. economic development” needs innovative solutions and needs civil society, business sectors as well as its governments to be involved.

Foto Aventura_cimasThis is why at CIMAS we want to accommodate all the actors involved in the complex task of maintaining the mountain territories intact for future generations and, at the same time, guided by a desire that its inhabitants should improve their quality of life, satisfying, at the same time, new needs created by the evolution of markets and technology as well as the demands of new entrants, in order to guarantee economic prosperity.

From the Conference and Exhibition Centre of Granada, Cetursa Sierra Nevada, The Sierra Nevada National/Natural Park and The University of Granada, want to welcome scientists from all the different fields (covering social and natural sciences), naturalists, students, businessmen and entrepreneurs, tourists, athletes, specialists from the different administrations, heads of public and private institutions, politicians, lawmakers, tour operators and travel agencies, ICT designers and developers.., so that, together, we can ignite a dialogue and encounter of new ideas to face the future of the mountain regions.