About Granada

Granada is music and poetry, pure monumental art, millenary culture. It is a province that reaches for the sky from the steep mountain tops of the Sierra Nevada; cities full of impressive architecture coming to rest on the high plains; white villages scattered along valleys and slopes that die on the cliffs and beaches of the Tropical Coast. The Province of Granada, a privileged tourist destination, allows the traveler to practice skiing in the Sierra Nevada, exploring the remote villages of the Alpujarra, trace the last frontier of Al-Andalus in the West of the Province or stay in caves that bring back to life our troglodyte past.
A land of mild and warm summers and winters suitable for the enjoyment of winter sports.
Not only is the city of Granada one of the most beautiful in Spain, it is also one of the top tourist destinations. Set in the heart of Andalusia at the foot of Sierra Nevada and less than an hour away from the Tropical Coast, it enjoys a sunny Mediterranean climate with pleasant temperatures. Granada combines the beauty and monumentality of its historic centre with the services of a modern city that is constantly growing.
Granada was the last Arab Kingdom of Europe which has left us some sites of great cultural interest such as the Alhambra, considered by many as the eight world wonder and declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1984, as well as the neighborhoods of The Albayzin and Realejo.
The city is home to a population of approximately 270.000 inhabitants of whom 70.000 are students at the University of Granada, one of the country’s most prestigious universities with a history of almost 500 years, which converts it into an important university city which attracts 14.000 students every year.


Granada is an ideal city to walk around, to experience it up close. Its dimension and urban layout (presided by the hills of Albayzin, Alhambra and Realejo) invite the visitor to get lost and immerse in its history, as well as in the everyday pulse of its citizens. That’s why we propose to stroll around its streets by following the recommendations of the cultural, non-profit association Conoce Granada Paseando.
These recommendations can be found in the guide book Conoce Granada Paseando 10 Routes. The book displays Granada as an open air museum, which is alive and indispensable for the visitor that wishes to experience the essence of the city.

With this singular solidary project, the association divulges Granada’s heritage through healthy walks and it also collaborates with other associations and institutions that aim to restore this heritage like “Abadía del Sacromonte”,  “Amigos de San Nicolás, Albaicín”, “Centro Artístico, Literario y Científico de Granada”, “Museo Carmelita de Granada”, “Casa de Jaén en Granada”, Cofradía de la “Borriquilla”…

For anybody that’s interested in this guide book, contact means are available through e-mail: conocegranadapaseando@gmail.com